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Because in a multifaceted environment the status quo is less than ever an option, how to orient yourself ?

What direction to take to ensure the sustainability of your business ?

How to adapt?

What changes to make?

Nord vrai

In a world with increasingly complex challenges, subject to major and accelerated changes, companies must face multiple risks and / or opportunities, which depend on their capacity for analysis, anticipation and action.

In this context, Darwin's words have never resonated so acutely.


This changing ecosystem generates great perplexity as to the strategy to adopt, the path to follow, the decisions to be made for the future of the company.


Laniakea Management & Strategy Development, created by an entrepreneur for you entrepreneurs, and leaders of SME, SMI, especially family, will guide you in this forward-looking approach to the sustainability of your activity. We will develop, in a co-construction format, the levers useful to it, and will support you in their implementation.

Surviving species are not the strongest or most intelligent, but the ones that adapt best to change

Charles Darwin

Because living aimlessly means sailing without a compass,

Finding the "true north", following the course and walking the path leading to the objective is an absolute necessity.


If the majority of companies are born from the know-how and expertise of their creator, entrepreneurship is for the founder or the buyer an adventure both exciting and demanding that gives meaning to his commitment, to his life.

This personal challenge also calls for social, environmental, human and heritage responsibility.


The multitude of skills necessary to run a business, small or large, make you, entrepreneur (es) leaders (es), real Swiss knives.
Management, supervision, recruitment, organization, anticipation… Its development calls for internal and external resources or the ability to be an entrepreneur, manager and strategist.


In this context, how to develop, refine, tweak, chisel your business strategy?

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