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Laniakea , “immense celestial horizons” in Hawaiian is a supercluster of galaxies of which the Milky Way, and therefore the Earth, is a part.


Its discovery in September 2014, by a team of international astrophysicists is the result of a collective and collaborative work in the image of the values ​​of ambition, pragmatism and innovation of Laniakea Management & Strategy Development.


Teamwork in an international multicultural environment, rigor and openness to the unknown, innovation and invention, questioning the status quo, resilience, humility, perseverance in staying the course, ambition, management of complexity.


At the end of the trajectory, a remarkable result, of dizzying beauty.


Nos convictions, nos engagements


Laniakea Management & Strategy Development was born out of the desire to support and help entrepreneurs, and managers of very small businesses, SMEs, SMIs, to develop and perpetuate their activity.


Laniakea's strategic approach is innovative, pragmatic and ambitious, while considering the principle of “controlled risk”.


Based on the use of proven diagnostic tools and analysis methods, it puts the individual at the heart of success.


Tomorrow will not be like yesterday.

It will be new and it will depend on us.It is less to discover than to invent.

Gaston Berger

We work with passion , and our commitment to achieving the objectives is a guarantee of your success .


We are committed to offering you a tailor-made service, based on exchange and trust through a simple and direct relationship.


Our in-depth knowledge of the challenges, heavy trends and weak signals is the result of a sharp mastery of the world of SMEs, SMIs. Our holistic and pragmatic approach supported by a network of specialized partners allows us a concrete approach guaranteeing effective solutions.


In a word, we will take care of you as well as ourselves


Notre métier, notre offre

The current world is carrying its procession of crises, financial, social, environmental, and lately sanitary. These tremors throw the company into the unknown.

Nuit étoilée

A Vision without Action is only a dream, Action without Vision just spends time. Vision and Action combined can change the world.

Joel A. Barker

Yet the etymology of the Greek word "crisis" "Krisis" means, in addition to the concept of pain, the time of choice and decisions in a moment of opportunity. Opportunity to act for a better future, the crisis must, therefore, be seen as a step, a transition to positive change that depends on us.


Laniakea Strategy & Management Development's expertise stems from its ability to support the company to enable it to anticipate risks despite the complexity of its environment. By giving meaning to the company in the face of these overflows through an “Open prospective - Open strategy” approach, we strive to control them. We are graduating its borders, and making them evolve in a systematic balance between benefit and risk, for its development.


We are convinced that yesterday's methods will not be enough to invent tomorrow. For the company, it's about being in a productive movement of constantly inventing the next day.


Laniakea Management & Strategy Development supports you in the overall management of your SME, SMI company.


Find the course, co-build the path to sustainable and responsible growth, with meaning, a guarantee of its value and the sustainability of your business.


A successful consulting mission is one that brings you noticeable added value.

This ranges from the simplest intake to the most elaborate forms of intake such as:

• decision support,

• the development of new skills or new products and services,

• change management ...


Advice mission

A means to bring additional and essential skills to VSEs, SMEs.

My mission as a time-share outsourced manager can be tailored to your needs. Together, we determine specific objectives to achieve.


Time-share outsourced governance

We put at your disposal our experience and our managerial skills to take charge of your business or service, to resolve a situation or to lead a major project. It involves designing and implementing solutions at the heart of the company, as close as possible to the realities of the teams in the field. Listening to all stakeholders at all levels, clarity of decisions made after consultation, creation of a feeling of solidarity, are the keys to success.


Transition management


  1. Ambition Cap Strategy,

  2. Ambition Cap Structuring projects,

  3. Ambition Cap Gouvernance,

  4. Ambition Cap Financial management,

  5. Ambition Cap Organization, process, compliance,

  6. Ambition Cap RH et management,

  7. Ambition Cap HSE and RSE,

  8. Ambition Cap Technology and digital,

  9. Ambition Cap Innovation, production and supply chain,

  10. Ambition Cap Marketing and communication,


... and specific crisis management.


Nos partenaires

Because we speak the same language as you and we share the same DNA, we rely on a network of expert partners in targeted areas to respond as closely as possible to your concerns.

IT solutions

Integration, hosting, security, life cycle of your equipment ... M4ii offers a range of tailor-made solutions, ideal for responding to your digital issues.

Team training

More happiness at work is both humanist evidence and a productive investment. L'atelier des clés is 100% part of this necessary development and, better still, L'atelier des clés offers training in innovative and more human management.

Human resources - coaching

Evoluance coaching supports organizations, professionals and individuals looking for professional, managerial, entrepreneurial or personal performance.


Vermillon coordinates the overall communication of your project, from strategic definition to implementation. Editorial content, visual identity, web, printed media, Vermillon designs, with and for you, all of your tools.

You are interested in our know-how, you wish to tell us about your problems, contact us

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