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Your entrepreneurial spirit guides you and makes you a singular entrepreneur.


While respecting your values, your commitment to your employees, partners, investors is total; but the challenge is collective and significant !

You need to find the time and resources to identify and analyze the key issues that will guarantee the development, the future, the success of your business.

The one who doesn't evolve disappears ...

Charles Darwin

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The sustainability of your business

is at the heart of your concerns

To the perception of a planet which turns more and more quickly, on a less linear trajectory, therefore less predictable, as agitated by parasitic movements always more difficult to decipher, is added a feeling of contraction of distances and time.
On its surface, changes and upheavals are accelerating, generating uncertainties and risks ... or opportunities.
The recent COVID crisis is an example, even more striking than climate change, by its instant consequences.

This new multifaceted environment amalgamates the current themes of economic performance with new challenges, ever more numerous, intertwined and constantly changing.

Megatrends, technological innovation, societal and demographic changes, accelerated urbanization, climate change and scarcity of resources, growth in emerging countries, as well as all the related blocks and bricks, make up for your business a complex ecosystem in a state of unstable equilibrium.

In this context, outside help is more than ever useful in anticipating and carrying out the necessary transformations .

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You are unique

and expect a tailor-made service from your advice to "tailor your business"

for the race "

This complexity, the risks or the opportunities that arise from it, challenge you questioning the relevance of your analysis and your choices concerning the future of your business.

You do not always have among your close collaborators the ad hoc resources to share your strategic concerns and find the "true north", the geographic north which will consolidate your course.
Often a business expert, you need someone to assist you in the overall management of your business, but not full time.

You want to be accompanied but you doubt the "on-shelf" methods of consulting firms. Rather than reports, tables and other graphs, you prefer concrete and pragmatic solutions, executed with rigor according to a defined schedule.

You expect attentive, active listening, a direct and sincere relationship that challenges your convictions.

A commitment in unison with yours, to sculpt the future of your business.



You are immersed in the daily life of your business and you do not have enough time to think about the conditions for its sustainability.

If to lead is to foresee, how to respond to the numerous outcropping strategic and operational issues?



Is my IT architecture up to date ? What about his performance ?


Is my data - therefore my capital, the value of my business - well backed up and protected ?



Finding the right contact is a major issue, to answer your questions, help you structure a clear and coherent vision of the future of your business, within the framework of a direct and trusting relationship.


Someone who speaks the same language as you, thanks to their experience and expertise in SME, SMI.


Someone who would listen and be able to understand your problems, your specific constraints, while posing as an objective opponent capable of questioning your convictions and opening up the field of possibilities by accompanying you in their implementation.


Driven by the shared values ​​of an entrepreneur and the strategic expertise of its creator-manager in an international context, Laniakea Management & Strategy Development will be able to respond precisely and in a targeted manner to your needs.


Our mission will consist in bringing to light a strategic ambition affirmed and shared by all, the primary purpose of which is the sustainability of the company.


This strategic ambition, based on clear projects consistent with the genetic code and the values ​​of the company, will be accompanied by appropriate communication to gain understanding and buy-in from employees.

It will give meaning to their commitment by responding to their concerns, to overcome the fear of the unknown and resistance to change.


Good coordination of these transition phases, especially when there are plans to abolish posts, is essential.

Federating employees around a common ambition gives meaning and ensures the success of the project.

The strategic roadmap and drawn in line with the DNA of the company, will be executed with discipline in a phased plan involving specifically the lifeblood of your organization.

You recognize yourself in this profile, you have the same concerns, call us !

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